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My name is Christopher Kern and I’m a Wellness Copywriter. I specialize in email marketing, landing page copy, SEO content, product descriptions, and Facebook Ads.

As a results-driven copywriter, my #1 focus is serving you and helping you crush your business goals.

By working with me, you’ll receive:

  • Fast deliveries, 
  • Quick-turnarounds
  • Unlimited revisions
  • Top-notch communication
  •  And a 100% Money Back Guarantee if you’re unsatisfied with my services.

With my 3 years of experience as a copywriter and business owner, you’ll also receive additional consultation, which includes powerful strategies and tactics that can also help your business grow

Why Choose me?

Unlimited Copywriting Revisions

Your company deserves the best.

I won’t stop until you’ receive 100% satisfaction with my copywriting services.

Quick Turnarounds

Time is your most valuable asset. 

Once a copywriting revision has been requested, we will jump right on it. 

Depending on the length of your project, copywriting revisions will be delivered within 1-3 business days.


You'll also have...

Industry Expert...

My background in the dietary industry allows me to deliver the best quality of copywriting services.

With the combination of my experience and creativity, this promotes your companies chances of achieving the best results.

...who is 110% Committed to Serving You.

My goal is helping you maintain high levels of success.

To do so, i’ll test, optimize, and provide additional copywriting services on an on-going basis! 

Lets Discuss Your Project.