2 Copywriting Formulas for Converting More Sales

copywriting formulas

Wanna increase your sales conversions? Use these proven copywriting formulas…

In my early stages as a copywriter, I discovered that trying to write off the top of your head is one of the worst things you could EVER do.

I remember spending countless hours– staring at my blank computer screen– trying to whip up something good to write for my clients…

I was frustrated. I was pissed. And there were certain days when I just wanted to throw in the towel.

But once I came across these proven copywriting formulas, writing profitable copy became sooooo much easier.

And by using these formulas, your marketing campaigns can convert more sales, which will only lead to continuous growth in your company.

Copywriting Formula #1: AIDA

Most of the promotions you see nowadays follow this formula. Especially if they’re a large, well-known company in their industry.

Why? Because it works! And because it’s the easiest, most effective formula to use. And more importantly, it converts consistently.

AIDA was created by The Grand Father of copywriting. Or you could say the greatest copywriter of all time, Gary Halbert.

Throughout his career, this formula helped him sell millions of dollars in sales for every company he wrote sales copy for. Regardless of whether it was a small company or a large corporation.

AIDA is an acronym that stands for:

  1. Attention
  2. Interest
  3. Desire
  4. Action

All 4 elements are designed to keep your audience engaged and get to take immediate action. Whether that’s to purchase your product, subscribe to your email list, read your blog post, and others.


Copywriting (attention)

With so much information on the web, your #1 priority is to grab the attention of your audience.

But how exactly can you grab their attention?

Based on my experience, I discovered that asking an empowering question, making a bold statement, and storytelling are the top 3 ways.

But here’s the thing…

It has to tie in with the needs, wants, and desires of your audience.

Think of what you could say to trigger emotion. What are their problems, challenges, and issues that your product can solve?

Once you have this in place — put it in your headline and at the beginning of your body section.


Copywriting (interest)

Now that you got their attention, it’s time to get them interested in your product or service.

You want to interest them by explaining its features.

For example, let’s say you’re promoting a protein supplement… you can interest your audience with its flavor, amount of protein grams, healthy added ingredients, and container size.

But here’s the key nugget…

You want to figure out which feature is your unique selling proposition (USP).

How is your product better than your competition. How is it more unique? What can it do or provide that others can’t?

Maybe it has a hard-to-find ingredient. Maybe it tastes better. Maybe it promotes faster recovery (referring to the protein supplement example.)

Take some time to figure this out. Then tell them!

This gives them a stronger reason to buy from you — because your product offers something that can’t be found anywhere else!


Copywriting for Desire

Next, you want to trigger the emotions that your product can spark into your customers.

These triggered emotions come from the benefits it has to offer.

And the benefits on top of the benefits. In other words, the big picture.

Let’s piggyback on the protein powder example…

The emotion behind a protein supplement is that it can promote a healthier lifestyle and help your audience achieve their dream body. Whether it’s losing weight or packing on some muscles.

So what?

Well… they can look more attractive, increase their confidence, have more energy to progress toward their goals and dreams in life.

Emotion is the driving force that eases them into putting in their credit card information.


Copywriting for Action

Ok… so lets wrap things up.

You got their attention. You gave them interesting facts about your product. You triggered their emotions with its benefits…

Now what?

Simple. You give them a clear call-to-action, which is to buy your product or service.

But let’s face it…

Just because you ask for the sale, does that mean they’re going to buy right away?

Of course not.

So you have to create urgency.

 I find that the best way to create urgency is with limited time offers.

This can be bonuses, discounts and giveaways, and other irresistible offers that last for a short period of time.

The bottom line is, if you don’t give them a reason to buy now… chances are they never will.

Why you should use AIDA for your marketing stuff…

Whether you’re writing a sales page, landing page, or something as simple as an email — you can achieve bigger and betters results with this copywriting formula.

For one, it’s easy to implement. You can literally use this formula as a template, which could save you hours, days, and even months. All you really have to do is fill in the blanks…

And two, because it’s been proven to work!

Aside from Gary Halbert, other big-time copywriters that I know are using this formula to help Fortune 500 companies grow!

Yep. And it can do the same for your business as well.

Copywriting Formula #2: AIDCA

This a more advanced AIDA formula that’s more ideal for startups. Or companies that aren’t well-known in their industry.

Similar to AIDA, the added “C” stands for Caution.

Because you’re not a big-time company yet, people are more skeptical when it comes to buying from you.

Therefore, you want to prove yourself as trustworthy as possible. Especially once you get ready to close the sale.

So in this formula, you want to include testimonials, reviews, word of mouth, case studies, guarantees, irresistible offers, etc.

The more trust you build using these tactics, the higher your sales conversions will be!

Your Special Takeaway

A proven formula is all you really need to write quick, profitable copy.

It saves you time. It saves you money. And it keeps those headaches and frustrations away.

That’s why AIDA and AIDCA are great formulas you can use to write emails, sales pages, landing pages, sales letters, and long-form social media ads (Facebook and Instagram.)

Looking to give your sales conversions a boost? Discuss your next project with a results-based copywriter.

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