7 Magic Tricks for Writing Copy That Turns Into Cash

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Regardless of what marketing strategy you use, writing effective copy is crucial for maintaining a high sales conversion rate.

Whether it involves writing copy for your social media pages, email lists, website, sales pages, landing pages, or even your youtube videos.

Today, I want to share with you a few “magic tricks” that can move your customers toward clicking that button.

And it begins with…

1. Knowing your audience

Before writing any form of marketing copy, you must first understand who you are writing to.

Sounds obvious right? But you’ll be surprised by how often this gets overlooked.

Think of what their challenges are? What’s keeping them up at night? What problems are they looking to solve? And how is your product or service the best solution for solving them?

Hopefully, you already have this in place. But if not, you’re gonna have to do a bit of research.

You can start by looking at your top competitors. See what their customers are raving about in the reviews, testimonials, and Facebook groups…

And on the other hand, you want to see what some of their complaints are. If they try-out the product or service — and it doesn’t work — listen to the challenges and problems that they’re continuing to have.

Collect this information, study it, and keep it in mind before you start writing your copy.

2. Knock every objection out the ballpark

Think of every possible reason that could keep customers from clicking that button. Better yet, make an entire list out of it.

Maybe it has to do with your price. Maybe they think your product or service won’t work for them. Or maybe they just don’t have a strong enough reason to buy it.

After creating this list of reasons, answer each of them towards the mid- closing section of your copy.

You can do this by asking and answering each objection. Or just answering it in a bold statement.

And just to be safe, you want to mention your Money-Back Guarantee, which helps them feel comfortable and gives them another big reason to buy from you.

3. Elaborate on your unique selling proposition

What makes your product or service so special? How does it stand-out? How does it provide more value to your customers than your competition?

It could be that it’s easier to use, has better features, contains more benefits, comes with a bundle, etc.

By pounding on this as your USP, you’ll give them a strong enough reason to buy from you specifically. Otherwise, they’ll just go looking elsewhere for a cheaper price…

And before you know it, you’ll find yourself competing based on price instead of value.

Take your time. Do some research on it. And write about it while discussing the benefits of your product or service.

4. Focus on the big picture

Throughout my copywriting career, I discovered that benefits are important to mention. But they’re not enough to drive home the sale…

Especially in today’s competitive markets.

To make your copy more magical, you want it to focus on the benefits of the bang. In other words, the final outcome that your customers are looking to experience based on emotional reasons.

For example, they may want to lose weight (which is the benefit) so they can have more confidence (which is the emotion).

You see, the benefits of the benefits are the emotions tied to it.

Once you figure out the emotions behind your product or service, mention it to them. And observe how much more profitable your copy will turn-out to be.

5. Make it sound like a personal conversation

Writing copy that is personal and conversational will maintain high levels of engagement and lead to a higher sales conversion rate.

When writing copy, you never want it to seel like you’re talking to a group of people.

Instead, you want it to come off — as if you’re talking to one particular person.

Make it a sound like a conversation between you and your customer. Relate to them by sharing some of your personal problems and experiences that you may have dealt with.

You can do this by including personal phrases such as:

  • “Between you and me…”
  • “I have something just for you…”
  • “We’re in this together…”
  • ” Let’s keep it a secret…”

Simply put, the more personal and conversational your copy sounds, the more engagement you build, and the higher your sales conversions will be.

This is especially important when writing copy for emails, sales pages, sales letters, and websites.

6. Include some of your research

Including research will increase your conversions by building credibility and adding value to your customers

After all, writing effective copy isn’t just about pitching your product or service. It’s also about adding value to your customers by educating them with interesting facts.

Backing-up your claims with research, case studies, or testimonials are some of the best ways you can add value.

For example: if you’re selling a supplement product, your copy should include research about some of its best ingredients. And how each ingredient works to benefit their health.

In addition, you also want to explain how your services work or how they can properly use your product.

Simply put, the more research and information you include, the more credibility and trust you build with your customers.

And you know what that leads to? Higher conversions!

7. Go back and edit your work

50% of the magic comes from writing copy. The other 50% comes from proofreading and making edits.

Writing copy is only 50% of the magic. The rest of the magic comes from proofreading and making necessary corrections to it.

As human beings, we all make mistakes. So no matter how good of a writer you may be, you should always go back and check your work.

Chances are — you’ll come across a few errors such as spelling mistakes, improper punctuations, or sentences that make absolutely no sense.

I highly recommended that you proofread your copy at least 3 times before publishing it. You’ll be surprised by how much better it resonates with your customers.

Using grammar and punctuation tools can also help minimize some of these mistakes and save you boat-loads of time along the way.

Your Takeaway:

By applying these magic tricks to your copy, you can increase your sales conversions and profitably grow your business long-term.

Each magic trick is designed to grab your audience’s attention, keep their attention throughout your copy, and steer them comfortably towards making a purchase.

Regardless of what marketing strategy you use… email marketing, social media marketing, direct mail marketing, or web marketing… each of these magic tricks will abra-ka-da-bra a higher sales conversion rate.

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