My Story

                                            My Journey To Health & Fitness…

Growing up as a 190 lb chubby kid from the age of 12, I was always picked on and laughed at about my weight.

I was picked on by pretty much everyone… “friends”, school peers, family members, random people i had never spoke to before… you name it.

Now mind you… I was a super-sensitive, insecure kid at that time. Whenever a fat joke came around, I would get a severely sore threat, and a fast racing heart from emotional distress– which led to critical, traumatic experiences in my life EVERY FREAKING DAY.

Each morning, I would wake up with anxiety as soon as the alarm had went off. 

I was so afraid that I would simply skip school. Right before the bus came, I would hide behind my neighbors bushes (fat jokes happened on the bus too). Afterwards, I would slowly walk home and tell my mother “I’m not feeling to well.”

And went right back to sleep as a way of escape…

With having school the next day, the bullying seemed to only get worse…It became so severe to the point where suicidal thoughts came to mind… I was a shy away from that attempt.


                       That’s when God stepped in and changed my life.

One day after school, I had to make up an important test I had missed. After I finished it, I rushed out of the classroom to call my dad so he could pick-me-up.

As I was walking down the hall, I passed by the school gym, which was totally empty. I saw a basketball sitting right in the corner, next to the door.

Once I picked it up,  I started dribbling and shooting for 3 hours. During that time, I discovered my love and passion for the game. As I got more into it, I knew it could help resolve my problem by:

#1) Relieving stress. 

#2) Helping me get into better physical shape. 

#3) Making well respected.

With it, I developed a natural discipline because I wanted to get better at it– eating a healthy diet, conditioning, weight lifting, and practice.

As the school year went on, life got a-lot better for me within 3 months… I was looking more trimmed, and I was fortunate enough to make the basketball team where I averaged 12.5 points a game.

With it also came less bullying and stress, which made school easier. After struggling with mostly U’s, I was able to bring my grades up, and pass with flying colors! 

To top it off, I was able to attract a girl that I had a SERIOUS crush on too…


                       My Passion For Health & Wellness Was Established

I love basketball. Although it’s a very fun sport, I primarily fell in love with the health aspect of it! Eating a healthy diet, conditioning your body and mind, and overall just taking care of yourself.  

All of which led me going from 190 lbs to 167 lbs in 3 1/2 months from the age of 12… funny to think that 9 years later, I would turn out to be a 6’4 205 lb with all lean muscles. 

Ultimately, this has and continues to carry me throughout my career as a Health & Wellness copywriter. 

By allowing me to connect and impact an audience, who is also looking to overcome  any health concerns so they can too experience a greater quality life through complete wellness