Lets face it… the internet is loaded with tons of copywriting.

Pretty much everywhere you click-on, they’re on ads, pop-ups, landing pages, optins, etc.

The difference between what makes them successful or not has largely to do with how it’s presented to customers.

Understanding the difference between the two can make it easier to increase your sales conversions, and run a profitable business.

Nobody cares about you or your company

Throughout my experience as a web copywriter, I continue to see this one common mistake that most companies make… And that is to brag about themselves (especially on their website home-page.)

Whether its their mission, successes, having the “best products or services”, and so forth.

Make sure your copywriting speaks to your customers needs and desires. Avoid talking to much about yourself or your business.

Copywriting isn’t for your company.

This is a big no’ no when it comes to successful copywriting. What you should do instead is focus on your customers.

Make your copy about their needs and desires

And believe it or not, this is the core of writing copy that actually converts. It grabs your customers attention, and keeps them engaged as they read your copy.

Sentence flow and structure

With so much information out there nowadays, customers get tired of reading as it is.

So your job is to make your copy as easy to read as possible.

Start by focusing on your layout. Give your sentences proper spacing. And try to keep your paragraphs less than 4 lines.

Also, make sure that your sentences aren’t super duper long. Aim to have them less than 16 words.

Don’t sound like an English professor

If you can takeaway one thing, make it this.

When writing copy, your focus is to never impress readers with big, fancy words.

If that’s the case, then you’ll will find yourself walking away with empty pockets…

 Successful copywriting is having an in-person conversation with your customers. Sound as if you were a friend.

Copywriting is a language.

So avoid that kind of language, and be transparent.

Here are 3 reasons why you should:

  1. It makes it easy to get across your message.
  2. Customers are likely to read the rest of your copy.
  3. It makes you sound more appealing.

Think of copywriting as an in-person conversation.

Communicate to your customers as if they were a friend or family member (which is how they should be treated.)


There you have it… “the right and wrong way to write copy.”

Appeal to your customers interest and desires. And do so in a simple and understandable manner.

Although there are much more “right and wrongs” to cover, these are three of the most important ones you can start with.

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