Email for Marketing: How to Write Emails That Convert

Email for marketing your products or services tips and strategies
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Using email for marketing is one of the most profitable ways to increase your conversions.

Whether that’s promoting your products, services, content, or any other call-to-action.

But here’s the thing…

If your emails are going to convert, they must stand-out against the boat-loads of spammy’ emails that your customers are hounded by day-after-day.

And here’s how you can do it…

#1. Make it personal

As an email copywriter, I discovered that writing emails for marketing your products or services begin with transparency.

This means you want to sound like an actual friend, instead of your typical salesman or some big-time promoter of a large company.

As a friend, you want to kick-start your email using relationship-building tactics. This can involve sharing your personal experiences, telling interesting stories, or talking about interesting and relatable topics.

Take your time. Think of how you can tie in each relationship-building tactics to promote your call-to-action towards the end of your email.

Give it a smooth transition with phrases like “it kinda reminded me of [your product or service] “it got me thinking about [your product or service].

For example, let’s say you want to promote a protein supplement. At the start of your email, you could tell a story about how you met this famous bodybuilder who gained 30 pounds of muscle and trimmed to 4% body fat by using a protein supplement.

After telling the story, you could present your product by saying something like ” It kinda reminded me of how this protein supplement can help you achieve similar… or even BETTER results.” Something like that.

When using these relationship-building tactics, keep a few things in mind:

  • Be specific. Elaborate on every important detail to get their imagination working.

  • Get to the point. With so many distractions nowadays, you want to cut through the chase by keeping it short and sweet.

  • Don’t be afraid to throw in a little humor. Everyone loves a good laugh every now and then. So if a funny joke or thought comes to mind, don’t be afraid to toss it in.

Which leads me to my next point…

#2. Sound authentic and be yourself

Sounding like yourself will keep your customers engaged.

As a friend, you always want to express your personality.

Maybe you’re funny. Maybe you’re charismatic. Or maybe you’re just a straight-forward talker, which is fine too.

Sounding like yourself creates a natural connection with your readers. This connection keeps them engaged while reading your email(s).

And the best way to create this connection is by writing how you talk!

Use slang, abbreviations, humor, and other personality traits in your emails…

But because we’re so used to formal writing, this can be very difficult. So here’s what you can do…

Pull out a tape recorder, think of everything you want to say in your email, record it, paste it word-for-word in your email, and press send.

#3. Use words that spark emotion

Infusing some emotions in your email marketing will give your customers more momentum to take action.

Words tell. Emotions sell.

Especially when it comes to using emails for marketing your products or services.

In fact, if you look at most marketing promotions today, you’ll notice that most of them use — what I like to call — punch line words.

Think of them as “shortcuts” or “cheat codes” that arouses your customers, and gets them to take immediate action.

Whenever you talk about the benefits of your product, be sure to include some of them.

#4. Build trust

The more trust you build, the larger your customer base will be, and the higher your conversions will be.

It’s simple. If people don’t trust you they’re not gonna buy from you.

And vice versa…

The more they trust you, the more likely they’re to buy.

Therefore, you want to build a trustworthy relationship in your email marketing. You can do this by:

  • Offering a Money-Back Guarantee.
  • Building credibility with testimonials and reviews.
  • Or including extras such as bonuses, giveaways, or discounts

These tactics build trust by eliminating risk, which can quickly and easily sky-rocket your conversions through the roof!

#5. Urgency

Customers will procrastinate. So put some fire under their butt!

Let’s face it. You procrastinate at times. I procrastinate at times. In fact, we all tend to because it’s part of our human nature.

With that being said…

You could write the best email in the world — but if it doesn’t give your customers that “emmmphh” — it’s nothing but a waste of time and energy.

So in your email marketing, you want to give them a reason to act as soon as possible.

A quick way you can go about this is with a limited time offer. Which can involve bonuses, special discounts, giveaways, or anything else of value.

Whatever that is for you, promote it with your call-to-action for a certain amount of time.

However, based on my experience in email marketing, I find that having a logical approach is the most powerful way to create urgency because it doesn’t put too much pressure on your customers.

It simply reminds them why they MUST-HAVE your product or service…and what would happen if they don’t get it.

Simply reiterate the problems and challenges that they would continue to face. Then position your product or service as the perfect solution.

#6. Last but not least, Stay on it

Email for marketing: requires consistency in order for it to work.

Like any other marketing vehicle, you must stay consistent in order for it to work right?

That’s especially true when it comes to something like email marketing.

Sending just one email and expecting miraculous results isn’t going to cut it. Therefore, you want to market your emails every 3-5 days to your subscriber’s list.

While you’re sending out emails, make a continuous effort to increase your open-and-conversion rate. Track your results with some A/B testing to see what’s working and what isn’t.

Switch-out your relationship-building tactic approach in every email. One email could involve storytelling. Another could involve a testimonial. Etc.

Aside from the body copy, you also want to test our different subject lines to see which one is getting the highest click-through rates.

By doing this long-term, you’re conversions and profits will continue to increase significantly!

Your takeaway

Email for marketing your products, services, and other call-to-actions is one of the most profitable ways to increase your conversions.

Whether it involves selling a product or service or having your customers take a specific kind of action…

And by including these 6 strategies in your email marketing, you can quickly and easily achieve a HUGE increase in your open-and-conversion rate!

Looking to give your conversion rate a big boost? Get started with a results-based copywriter.


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