Are your emails getting opened and converted? 

If not, chances are that you are doing a few things wrong. And these errors could be causing you to leave a boat-load of cash on the table.


To avoid these mistakes, you must first understand what doesn’t work. And how making necessary adjustments can make it a huge success! 

#1. Your subject lines aren’t grabbing attention…


Without a compelling subject line, you are pretty much screwed. Simply because it can make email marketing a waste of time.

To avoid this, you must know how to write a subject line that gets opened.


Avoid the mistake of being too promotional or “salesyy”.

Instead, make it simple and appealing by:

  • Starting each word with a capital letter. (DON’T SCREAM WITH ALL CAPS!)
  • And invoking curiosity- Ask questions, make a special announcement, reveal a secret, etc.

Next, you want to add some sweetness with the 4 ‘Bees’ principle.

Apply the '4 Bees' copywriting formula to your email marketing. It holds your audiences attention, which can increase your conversions.


This can require a lot of time and thinking. But with just a few examples, you can quickly come up with some really great ideas! 

#2. It’s about you 100% of the time


Having customers open your email is one thing.


Getting them to actually read it and take action is another.


This is where your email marketing is either a make or miss.


For starters, you want to avoid talking about yourself too much

This means limiting the number of times you use phrases like “My business,” “Our team,” “Our success,” “Our customers,” Yata yata yata…


Instead, make your emails about them. Refer to them with the words “you” and “yours

This simple tactic keeps your audience engaged while reading your emails.


Which could also increase your open and conversion rates DRASTICALLY.


Your email marketing needs to be engaging to read. Sound as if you were your customers friend.


#3. Your email has is long and meaningless


There is a huge misconception when it comes to writing long copy.

Most copywriters and marketers think that long copy is dead. And that it’s a thing of the past, more like in the 1900s…

But the truth is, long copy is far from dead. In fact, it’s actually more profitable than short copy!

However, in order for it to work, it has to be effective. Especially if what you’re selling is expensive.

This means connecting with your readers through storytelling, sharing your personal experiences, sharing empowering testimonials, etc.  

And how each of these tactics can work to promote your product or service at the end of your email (call-to-action).


#4. Don’t have the “gimmie, gimmie, gimmie”


“BUY NOW!” “GET YOURS!” “SHOP TODAY!” “DONT MISS OUT!”… this is a no, no.


You see, profitable email marketing is about building a strong relationship with your customers first.


How can you do that? By providing value. Which can involve:

  • Announcing important news such as giveaways and contests.
  • Offering samples or discounts for your product.
  • Sharing helpful content– articles, blogs, videos, audios, etc
  • Providing PDF’s, reports, whitepapers, and other forms of valuable information.
Giving away value FIRST is key for successful email marketing.


Relationship building creates trust between you and your customers. 

Over time, this approach will lead to long-term customers and a higher conversion rate.



#5. Your call-to-action isn’t pushing them


Urgency is the life and blood of your conversion rates.


If customers aren’t taking action, your email marketing is just a waste of time and money.


So ask yourself “How can I get them to buy today?”


Think of what you can say or do to create urgency. 


Create urgency in your email marketing.


Maybe it’s through a limited-time offer that involves:

1. Large discounts

2. Bonuses and giveaways

3. Free additional services

4. And others (based on what your company can provide)

Another thing you could do is explain — what would happen if they don’t purchase your product or service?


What problems and challenges will they continue to face? What will they miss out on? (Based on my experience, I find this to be more effective.)


Your takeaway


Avoiding these common mistakes in your email marketing campaigns can get your emails opened and converted more often.


But more importantly, it can help your business become more profitable long-term.

Whether that involves selling a product or service, promoting your content, or even promoting other company’s products or services.


Want to increase your open-and-conversion-rate with effective email marketing? Get started with Kern’s results-based copywriting. 

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