Has your email marketing been working lately?

If not, chances are that you are dong a few things wrong. And these errors can be very costly.

To avoid these mistakes, you must first understand what doesn’t work. And how making necessary adjustments can make it a huge success!

#1.Your subject lines aren’t grabbing attention…

Without a compelling subject line, you are pretty much screwed. Simply because it can make email marketing a waste of time.

To avoid this, you must know how to write a subject-line that gets opened.

Avoid the mistake of being too promotional or “sellsy”.

Instead, make it simple and appealing by:

  • Starting each word with a capital letter. (DON’T SCREAM WITH ALL CAPS!)
  • And invoking curiosity- Ask questions, make a special announcement, reveal a secret, etc.

Next, you want to add a sweetness with the 4 U’s principle.

In other words…

Apply the '4 Bees' copywriting formula to your email marketing. It holds your audiences attention, which can increase your conversions.

This can require a lot of time and thinking. But with just a few examples, you can come up with some really great ideas!

#2. It doesn’t sound personal…

Having customers open your email is one thing. Getting them to Actually read it is another.

This is where your email marketing is either a make or miss.

For starters, you want to avoid writing in first person. Which means eliminating the words Iwe, or us from the equation.

Instead, write in second person for more engagement. Refer to them with “you” or “yours

This makes you sound like a friend! Not a business owner… not a marketer… not some kind of guru… you get the point.

Your email marketing needs to be engaging to read. Sound as if you were your customers friend.

#3.Your email has winded copy…

Don’t babble on and on… about this and that… when writing your emails.

With so many distractions on the web, your customers attention span is limited to only 8 seconds!

Which means that your message must be straightforward. Make your copy short and concise, yet effective.

This makes it less work for both you and your customers!

#4.Don’t have the “gimmie, gimmie, gimmie” approach…


When it comes to email marketing, remember that customers like to buy, but don’t like to be sold to.

So, you must first provide value. Which can involve:

  • Announcing important news.
  • Offering samples or discounts for your product.
  • Sharing helpful content– articlesblogsvideos, etc.
  • Providing PDF’s, reports, and other useful information.
Giving away value FIRST is key for successful email marketing.

Along with increasing your open-and-conversion-rate, you’ll also build trust… which will lead to long-term customers.

#5. Your call-to-action isn’t pushing them…

Create urgency in your email marketing.

As you know, most people procrastinate when it comes to making a purchase.

First, you must avoid phrases like “Buy Today“, “Get Yours NOW“, “DON’T MISS OUT!“, etc…

Then, you must give them a strong reason to act NOW. Which can involve:

  1. Having limited quantities available.
  2. Putting a time limit on a special offer.
  3. Or simply explaining the re-precautions if they don’ttake action.

This gets them to take immediate action by creating momentum.


Correcting the common mistakes of email marketing can promote a higher open-and-conversion-rate.

Ultimately, it will help your business become more profitable and successful on a long-term basis.

Want to increase your open-and-conversion-rate even further? Get started with results-based email marketing with professional copywriting!

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