Email Marketing

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Email Marketing

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Email marketing is one of the most powerful and effective forms of internet marketing. 


If done properly, it can be extremely profitable. In fact, did you know that every email address is worth $28?

So, by using it properly, it can turn into some serious profit potential!


It’s purpose is to deliver information in a quick, timely fashion. Whether that’s selling your wellness products, offering discounts, announcing important news, promoting free content, etc. 

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However, it has 3 major objectives for success:


  1. To get delivered
  2. To get opened
  3. And to get converted


Otherwise known as your open and conversion rate. Which is crucial for successful email marketing.


Tips for success:

  • Put a ‘From’ and ‘Subject’ line at the beginning of the copy. It identifies you as someone important. 
  • Keep it short and to the point.
  • Write in a casual, conversational tone of voice.
  • Organize copy with proper spacing and sentences.
  • Sound friendly and helpful, not salesy and promotional. 
  • NEVER use the word “FREE” in headline. This gets trashed into the spam folder.


Ultimately, offering value is the key for a high open and conversion rate.


Examples can vary from offering a sale for 15% on a Vitamin C Supplement. Or sharing interesting content on concerns that your audience may have.



How a Copywriter Can Help:

Although it sounds simple, email marketing still requires a strategy, skill, and experience.

It also requires time, patience, and consistency. 

So, your best solution is to put this in the hands of an experienced copywriter for an on-going basis.

With our team of industry-expert copywriters, you can increase your open and conversion rate, which can also promote your sales conversions. Or any other call-to-action you may have.


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