Sales letters

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Sales Letters (Direct-mail)

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The internet is saturated with tons of marketing promotions such as ads, optins, landing-pages, pop-ups, etc.

In order to stand-out for long-term success, marketing offline is a must. It will attract more leads, promote your wellness products or services, and maintain continuous growth within your company.

So, by using direct-mail, your business is in for a profitable adventure. Thanks to its low-costs and high potential returns!

The advancements of technology has also made it easy to track these returns, and make necessary adjustments based on responses, data, and feedback.

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An effective sales letter begins with extensive research, a sales strategy, a USP (unique selling proposition), ideas, and other marketing tactics. And toward the end, it will require a call-to-action that offers a sample, bonuses, coupons, or any other irresistible offer.


You will then begin your testing campaigns. Which is testing against small targeted prospects, and making adjustments based on returns. This prevents capital from being wasted on unprofitable marketing. It will also give you an insight of your customers needs, wants, and desires.


So, start by testing 2-3 different sales letters for 4-5 days. 


Once you discover which sales letter is bringing in the most results, you can then target it against a larger group of prospects. And as a result, it will promote the success of your marketing campaigns. Which results in a higher sales conversion.


To maintain its success, you must continue to optimize it with up-to-date data. Which involves using google trends, customer feedback, market needs, etc.


This can increase your sales conversions starting from 15%!



How a Copywriter Can Help

As you can probably tell, this takes preparation, time, work, and experience. Allow us to make your life easier by taking this load off your shoulders.


We will create and test a profitable sales letter that effectively markets your wellness products. As a results-based agency, we will continue to help your sales letter maintain its profitability, which allows you to maintain its long-term success .

Final outcome: Increased sales conversions, a higher return-on-investment, a larger customer base 


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