Web Copy

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Website Copywriting

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When visitors come to your website, you MUST keep them engaged.

Engagement will increase the conversions of your call-to-action. Whether it’s promoting a product or service, getting customers to subscribe to your newsletter, announcing special discounts, offering a free information product, etc.

Whatever your call-to-action may be, it requires your website copy to be interesting and compelling. And it starts with your home and about page.

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Home Page Copywriting


Your Home page copy is important for making a good first impression. In fact, it will likely determine if your customers will act upon your call-to-action.


The best way to craft a convertable home-page is by making it about your customers needs. Which means that you must understand what they’re looking for by implementing research.


Doing so will signal a confirmation in their mind that says OK, I’ve come to the right place.”

Afterwards, you can then tie in their needs with an offer and a call-to-action. For example, “Tired of dealing with back pain? Get 15% OFF on our posture Corrector!”


About Page Copywriting


Your about page goes beyond providing basic information about your company.

It’s also about marketing through the use of storytelling. Which is recognized as the #1 most powerful and effective marketing tactic.

In order for it to have an affect, you will have to dig-deep, and convey meaning behind your company’s purpose.


By translating your story with emotional copy, it will keep your visitors engaged, and inspires them to take action.


Start driving traffic


Now that your engaging copy is put together, your next focus is to start driving traffic to your website. 

This requires you to optimize it with keywords, images, videos, audio, and other outside sources. Otherwise know as Search-Engine-Optimization. SEO is great for generating organic traffic, which is very inexpensive. 

Banner advertising, direct-mail, affiliate marketing are also great ways for generating quick traffic at a higher cost. 

How a copywriter can help

Website copywriting is an on-going process.

For one, it requires your copy to be in-depth and engaging. And two, once you figure-out what’s working, you must continually optimize it based on changes that occur from time-to-time.

Whether its your call-to-action, data, ideas, etc.

This is where we can help make your load much easier. By optimizing your website with engaging, traffic driving copy on a consistent basis. 

Final outcome: Higher website rankings, website traffic, increased conversions, higher sales volume

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