What Is Copywriting? Discover It’s True Meaning

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Like you, I wondered the same exact thing…”Copywriting? What the heck is that? I’m not a lawyer.”


At first, I thought it was “copyrighting”. Which is what you see on websites, and other legal documents for rights protection…


Soon enough, I discovered what it really is. And how it can contribute MASSIVE success to any business out there.



 Its true meaning and purpose…


 If you research: what is copywriting, you’ll find all kinds of “definitions”


 Most of them are somewhat accurate. But they don’t describe its true meaning.


 For example:







This definition isn’t really… all that accurate. It’s missing an important puzzle.


However, it does involve writing for marketing materials.

But it goes much deeper than this…

 Here’s another example:




 Now we’re getting somewhere. This example is more specific and it explains its true purpose.


 However, keep in mind that copywriting is done offline as well.


 It involves sales letters, brochures, and other forms of direct-mail.


Although this example is much better, it’s still missing a key point…



So… what exactly is copywriting?



 That’s all there is to it…


It uses salesmanship strategies and tactics to persuade your customers.


Whether it’s purchasing a product or service. Or taking other actions.



How does copywriting work?

 Copywriting works by selling emotions


 Emotions that appeal to your customer’s wants, needs, and desires.


It uses the “power of the written word” to translate emotions from using your products or services.


Take Vitamin C Gummies for example:


 Why would a customer ACTUALLY want this product? 


It’s not because they like taking supplements. it’s not because they want to prevent vitamin deficiency or whatever. And it’s not because they like the way it tastes.


But because it promotes a healthier lifestyle, which is the core emotion tied to it.


Not because they want more energy. Or want a stronger immune system.


 Although this is important to them, it doesn’t create an emotional feeling.



Why is copywriting important?


I can give you COUNTLESS reasons why it’s important. Especially if you’re a business owner.


 But let’s just cover the top 3 reasons:

1. It generates more sales in your business.

2. It helps market your products or services profitably.

3. Your business will stand-out with creativity in the marketplace.


Ultimately, it reflects the overall value of your company. 






Simply put, copywriting is salesmanship in print.

It is used to influence your customers to make a purchase through the use of emotions.

If put into effective use, it can grow your business, and lead to long-term profitability.

Want to increase your sales conversions? Get started with profitable, results-based copywriting.


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